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Event Details 

6-Hour Live Stream "THE NEW STANDARD"

- Laser Therapy for Animal Care -

6 CEs Applied for through AAVSB & Florida Department of Veterinary Medicine







Dr. David Huff, DVM

ONLINE - Live Stream


FREE! *(Normal value $300)

About the Event

This 6-hour seminar will be an interactive overview of the low-level laser technology and its use in small animal medicine.  A basic overview of the physics and understanding of light energy and its use in this technology.  Practical business information to help understand how best to incorporate this technology in your practice and present it successfully to your staff and clients.  Attendees will see the practical application and potential outcomes.  Dr. Huff will share a plethora of case studies & case history through videos and photos.  In addition, he will provide many hands-on examples of low-level laser use that will be demonstrated to eager physicians.  There will be ample time for questions and answers to ensure a complete understanding.

Seminar Topics

  • General Laser Physics, and how and why the low-level laser works.

  • Brief Recap of Physics, then Case studies to include but not limited to cases involving pain management, wound healing, post-surgery treatments and neurologic cases. Both photos and videos will be reviewed and presented.

  • More Case Studies concentrating on CCL treatments in dogs and cats. Videos of patients throughout the 4-month treatment cycle.  Explanation of protocols, costs and expectations of outcomes, including retrospective client survey.

  • Business Strategy of utilizing Low Level Laser in the practice. Overview of best ways to introduce the technology to your staff and to your clients.  Understanding the impact, the technology can have in your practice.

  • Additional case studies and demonstrations of hands-on use of the laser.

  • Each session will have a 10-minute question and answer session after 50 minutes of teaching. This hour will be used to facilitate questions and to introduce other modalities to mix with the laser.  We will have additional case studies to present if time allows.

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