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Erchonia's trusted laser technology - One that has earned them 22 FDA clearances and proven to be effective at treating a wide assortment of medical conditions that may be affecting many of the animals you provide healthcare for.

The Vet Laser Systems use photons of light to non-invasively repair tissue and reduce pain and inflammation in animals. When the laser hits the target muscles, nerves or ligaments, it stimulates the cells’ mitochondria into action and encourages increased production of ATP. This process promotes natural healing, making these lasers an ideal option for vets who want a natural alternative to medications and surgery.


Throughout the years, researchers have explored many medical uses for low-level lasers, and many more are still being discovered and approved. Veterinarians currently use the innovative technology to reduce discomfort in animals from conditions such as:

  • Arthritis

  • Chronic infections

  • Non-healing wounds

  • Pain and inflammation

  • Skin allergies

The broad use of the device’s red and violet lasers make it ideal in treating a range of cases in dogs, cats, horses and exotic animals alike, making it suitable for any veterinary clinic. Contact us today to order an EVL red and violet laser system for your clinic



Introducing the newest line of lasers from Erchonia, the red Vet Laser System.

The red Vet Laser System is a revolutionary new handheld laser device for vets with a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI), light weight for easy portable use.


This innovative device features easy-to-use preset protocols for feline, canine, equine and exotic animals — as well as user-programmable channels — to help you quickly and effectively treat an array of animal conditions.


The Erchonia Base Station is the deluxe kit for any

Veterinarians looking to build a custom set of Erchonia lasers for in-clinic use, on-the-go or even renting the lasers out for at-home use. 

The Base Station model allows you to pick any combination of 3 Erchonia Vet lasers to fit your clinics needs. 

Erchonia Base Station v8.00_00_57_24.Still001.png
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