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The Most Trusted

Low Level Lasers

Erchonia® lasers have been proven to be successful in treating many equine, canine, feline and avian medical conditions. We are the world's leader in clinical research & development of low level laser therapy devices.



Clinically Proven &

FDA Market Cleared

Erchonia's research and development is driven to provide alternative, non-invasive, drug free solutions for veterinarians, doctors, scientist, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who are dedicated to improving the outcomes of their patients with safe and effective alternatives to drugs and surgery.

Erchonia is the world leader in low level lasers and have garnered 22 FDA Market Clearances. (More than all other laser companies combined.)




Erchonia Utilizes Red & Violet lasers
for better clinical outcomes

Erchonia lasers use photons of light to non-invasively repair tissue and reduce pain and inflammation in animals. When the laser hits the target muscles, nerves or ligaments, it stimulates the cells mitochondria into action and encourages increased production of ATP.  This process promotes natural healing, making these lasers an ideal option for vets who want a natural alternative to medications and surgery or are looking to combined the effects of medication

and low level lasers.

Veterinary professionals can harness the energy of these innovative devices to treat a range of conditions, including:

  • Non-healing wounds

  • Chronic infections

  • Pain and inflammation

  • Post-operation healing

  • Bone healing

  • Anxiety

  • Neurologic Trauma

  • +MORE

Benefits of Veterinarian Laser Systems


Doctors Recommend

"As a veterinarian who has worked with Erchonia, I know them to be extremely knowledgeable about not only the products & laser therapy, but the concerns specific to our profession.

Their passion for enhancing the human animal bond by empowering veterinarians to be equipped for success is what drives them, and why we resonate!

I look forward to our continued connection!"


Amy H.

"I have a Pomeranian that is over 10 years old.  He had been suffering from decreased urination so I had taken him to the veterinarian for assistance.  The vet told me that he believed it to be caused by an enlarged Prostate and that castration needed to be done.  Trusting him, I agreed.  His urination symptoms did not improve and now he is suffering with swollen genitals, decreased mobility, increased pain, constant whimpering and decreased eating and drinking.  The dog did not move for 24 hours after the procedure.  I brought him in for Light Therapy treatment and he immediately showed improvement.  He began to move around more freely, with less pain and urination began to return to normal. I came back for another treatment two days later and the improvement was even better, increased movement and he showed to have more energy.  One week later, the last treatment, my precious dog was back to normal, happy, excited and vibrant.

- Amy Hudson

Danielle B.

“My 2 year old Labrador agility dog was diagnosed with DCM (almost 5 years ago... and she’s still alive!). I am a veterinarian, so naturally when my dog seemed a little off and I began running tests, discovering DCM was not something I had high on my list of possibilities. It’s a Doberman disease and seriously, she’s too young! I ended up taking her to a cardiologist at the University where I live. Her heart sounded fine on auscultation, but I requested an echocardiogram anyways. Low and behold she was throwing VPCs through her whole echo and her heart was a bit enlarged. She had to wear a holter monitor for 24 hours during which time we discovered a lot more VPCs (premature heart contractions). She was started on heart meds (spironolactone and benazapril) and we repeated echos every 6 months. I was devastated nonetheless, thinking I’d only have my girl for maybe 2-3 years and there were no guarantees for that even. Even though she acted normal, except for occasional pale gums, I couldn’t shake the sadness. I worked at an integrative practice, so investigated with the help of my boss, other options to go along with the western medications and monitoring. We started using the Erchonia low level laser with a protocol from the experts and I have continued treatments throughout the last 5 years (once every 3 weeks). After we started the laser and did the initial 13 treatments and kept on with a regular schedule, each of her subsequent echos has become more and more normal. Cardiologist is stumped as to how she’s “normal” now. No symptoms, off her western meds now (we slowly weaned her off), and doing great with acupuncture treatments every couple of months and her routine laser treatments. My girl is active in agility and competes and shows no signs of DCM. Thanks to Erchonia's low level lasers."

- Danielle Baumbarger

Caroline  B.

“I use my Erchonia lasers to treat my animals for a range of conditions from preventive, to arthritis, agility, K9 whiplash, degenerative disc and with everyone of those conditions, the Erchonia laser has helped tremendously and is a core component in my practice"

- Caroline Barthy


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